Public Address System

The dedicated and committed team of our company presents Public Address System that is used in various public events. These systems are available in different sizes, models, powers and patterns to match the requirement of the clients. They can quickly be installed at the required place and produce effective results. In addition to this, it is highly appreciated by the clients for its long life, high quality and long lasting durability.

We have complete range of public address, conference system and sound reinforcement equipments such as amplifiers, microphones, speakers, sound box, sound columns, drivers and horns, and audio mixers.

Ceiling Mount Speakers

Ceiling Mount Speakers

  • Available in Golden & Silver color.
  • It is made of high-class steel & form by stamping.
  • Equipped with wire leading case which hard to burn for fire proof.
  • 70/100V, 4-15W with multiple terminals, suitable for different field.
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level 97±2dB.
  • requency Response 130Hz - 20kHz.
Wall Mount Speaker

Wall Mount Speaker

  • Slim Design with Powerful Sound Quality
  • Frequency Response : 120~20Khz
  • Sensitivity : 88dB
  • Power handling : 10W
  • Line Input : 100V & 4Ω

Column Speaker

  • 4〞full range speakers
  • Rated power: 5W/10W, 10W/20W, 15W/30W, 20W/40W
  • Installation: wall mount
  • Line voltage: 100V
  • Sensitivity : 91dB
  • Freq. Response : 160Hz-16KHz
  • Rated Power : 20W/40W
  • Line Voltage : 100V
Garden Speaker

Garden Speaker

  • This rock speaker is impact resistant totally natural looking, weatherproof and designed to provide years of truble free listening enjoyment.
  • Great around playgrounds, golf courses fun centers and fire pits as a compliment to any speaker set.
  • 6-1/2" coaxial speaker with sandstone finish
  • Enclosure: Fiberglass resin
  • Rated Power : 20W
  • Line Voltage : 70/100V
  • Sensitivity : 90dB
  • Freq. Response : 80Hz-16KHz
Volume Control With Channel Selector

Volume Control & Channel Selector

  • 5-step in-wall volume controls for 70-100 V public address systems
  • "F" models include 24VDC relay to over-ride the volume control settings in case of emergency
  • VC-605 includes 5-input source selector.
  • All models have attractive ABS resin off-white finis
  • Type : 5-step resistive, 5-input selector, mono
  • Power Rating : 6 watts
  • 24VDC Override : Yes
  • Attenuation : Step 1 : OFF / Step 2 : -4dB / Step 3 : -1dB / Step 4 : -0.5dB / Step 5 : 0dB
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz-20 KHz
Desktop Microphone

Desktop Microphone

  • Built-in-2-tone chime
  • Red LED indicator
  • Push to talk switch
  • XLR connector
  • Frequency Response : 40Hz-16Khz
  • Sensitivity : -43dB +/-2dB
  • Impedance : 200ohms
  • Controls : ON/OFF switch
  • Power Requirements : 12V DC
Wireless Handheld Microphone

Wireless Handheld Microphone

  • 275-foot extended range
  • Polycarbonate desktop chassis – compact, lightweight and portable
  • Dynamic microphone capsule with cardioid polar pattern
  • Robust polycarbonate body resistant to handling noise
  • Channel selector for matching the channel with the receiver
  • Interchangeable microphone capsules compatible with other industry-standard mic capsules
  • Lock mode to prevent changes during performance
  • Power control
  • Road-ready handheld and receiver chassis
Speaker Selector for Loudspeaker Presentation

Speaker Selector

  • One unit allows you to switch between 10 pairs of speakers and 4 subwoofers.
  • he units can be cascaded to allow you to switch between up to 40 pairs of speakers and 16 subwoofers.
  • Active and passive speakers can be mixed on one unit.
  • The remote control offers a switchable low pass filter for the subwoofers as well as dim and mute functions
  • All outputs are galvanically isolated and balanced! Each output level can be adjusted by ± 12dB.
  • 2 x Balanced XLR line inputs with loop out
  • 2 x Amplifier inputs
  • 10 x Stereo pairs Line outs, Balanced and transformer isolated
  • 10 x Stereo pairs Speakon outputs for passive speakers
  • 4 x Line outs for subwoofers, Balanced and transformer isolated
  • 4 x Speakon outputs for passive subwoofers
  • Switch between a mixture of active and passive speakers and subwoofers
  • Connect optional display LEDs
  • Cascade up to 4 units and control them all via one remote control
  • Switch between up to 40 Speaker pairs and 16 subwoofers
  • Noise free switching
Amplified Conference System

Amplified Conference System

  • A complete conferencing system that supports up to 50 microphone units with built-in speakers; 100W output.
  • Unidirectional electret MIC and HI-FI voice loud-speaker
  • Single, multiple and many groups can be used simultaneously
  • Equipped with four groups of 8P-DIN plugs for system connecting, normally it
  • Built-in feedback inhibition circuit
  • Built-in TELEPHONE COUPLE for telephone conference
  • Red indicator light on the MIC
  • Auto-off function: The microphone would close automatically in 30 seconds after making a speech
  • Equipped with balanced and unbalanced outputs and both sides circuit output socket for connecting other equipment