Metal Detector

At Sarvatra Enterprises, our objective is simple……we sale metal detectors for those who never accept second best. Successful and results-oriented people always choose products that push the limits on performance, quality and service.

There are many metal detectors on the market that offer a variety of attractive bells and whistles, but if you want real results in the field, a Sarvatra Enterprises will give you the "unfair" advantage you are looking for.

Hand-held metal detectors

Hand-Held Metal Detectors

  • Detects minute quantities of gold, silver,platinum, brass, copper, mild & stainless steel are detected effectively.
  • Ultrahigh sensitivity & stability.
  • Operates on disposable dry battery or on rechargeable battery
  • Built-in Battery charger
  • Indication: ON, Metal detected, battery Low
  • PVC moulded body, gives high strength & sturdiness & light in weight.
  • Continuous operation 80 hrs.
Portable Mobile Jammer

Door Frame Metal Detector

  • Keypad provided for all program settings.
  • Simple to operate
  • SIX Zones detection
  • Door frame metal detector is microprocessor based & PC compatible
  • Independent sensitivity setting of each zone
  • AUTO Calibration
  • Usage of latest Continuous Wave Technology
  • Infra Red occupancy sensors for traffic counter
  • Detector is continuously active, no metal can be tossed without being detected
  • Digitally controlled sensitivity, threshold, & volume
  • Self Test program, system FAULT indicator provided
  • Display of time, counter, program setting, sensitivity during setting
  • Multi mode counter i.e. IN,OUT, total IN & OUT